Sign in /Sign out

 Preschools always must know who is in the daycare and who isn’t, who dropped them, who  will pick and at         what time. We have taken care of this via our platform with very easy to manage process. You can now say bye to manual process of getting sign-in/sign-out done by parents or teachers.   



Access To Information

There is a lot of information which must be at finger tips for preschools, what allergies does

child has, what can one eat, who are their emergency contact, who is allowed to pick them.

With our platform all this is few clicks away and always available.



Use our platform to do better planning and forecasting by utilizing your historical data. You can  look at trends to see what % of children can be expected to come to daycare. How many hours are utilized and needed, how much food should be ordered.


  • Catering :With single click you can generate document for caterers with information about special needs of each child such allergies, diet restriction etc.
  • Teacher to Child Ratio : Use our platform to generate teacher to child ration any moment of time.
  •  Reports for Authorities :There are lot of reports which authorities require to generate during a preschool session. We have automated most of them which means no more manual filling of excel sheets. It is click and generate.
  • Emergency Reports  :In case of emergency our app easily lets you know who is in daycare who isn’t as well as what are emergency contacts for children.


With our platform, you can easily find out who can pick children keeping whole sign- in sign out  process secure.

Child /parent On boarding

 One of the time-consuming process is onboarding new children starting preschool, with our platform all the information can be filled by parents themselves minimizing paperwork and errors in capturing information.


Vacation Time daycare

Most of the preschool offer alternate daycare child could go to if preschool is closed. This whole process can be done by our app.  Our platform captures who is going to preschool during vacation and during what time.



Our platform is available on iOS, android, web. All you need is access to internet.